French proofreading services for distertations, websites, books, taeching materials etc.

French Proofreading Services

Professional French proofreader for businesses, students and individual.

French proofreading service enables you to maintain a high standard of French for dissertations, websites, books, teaching materials and more.
Isabelle is a freelance French proofreader available for proofreading distertations, websites, documents written in French.

Freelance French Proofreader

As an experienced French proofreader, I have a real enthusiasm, in fact a passion, to fix misspellings, repair broken grammar and tenses, catch typos, language errors and correct punctuation in any document, website, marketing material written in French. My work as a French proofreader goes beyond just corrections but can also include analysing and improving the choice of words and the readability of the texts and documents.

My name is Isabelle and I am a native French speaker with a Modern Language Degree in French with English units that I obtained in June 2006. I have been living in the United Kingdom since 2006 and began by working as a French language teaching assistant in a secondary school. Since then I have been working with the French language as a French translator, French tutor but I especially love working as a French proofreader. I have been working as freelance French proofreader since 2010.

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French Proofreading Service

It is really essential to get it right when you have to write a dissertation, a business proposal, a contract or marketing communications. Even simple mistakes in some text can damage brands, cost money, lose you customers or could even cost you valuable points in your exams! Working with an professional French proofreader to verify the text can eliminate this worry.

As a French proofreader, I work with clients to check...

  • Letters & Emails
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Teaching Materials
  • Dissertations

Proofreading a text written in French for spelling and grammatical errors is only the start though...

French proofreading services, French correction and error checking.
French copyediting, text revision and localisation.

Advanced Proofreading

Many rely upon software spelling and grammar-checkers to proofread a French text, but they just aren’t good enough! Even if there are no spelling errors, a text can still be embarrassingly bad to read.

As a French proofreader, I want to ensure that the text reads well, has a consistent flow and is written in the right tone. This level of proofreading is accomplished through analysing and improving the choice of words, the readability and by making helpful suggestions where re-phrasing is appropriate for the target audience.

Even after proofreading a text, errors can creep in between the copy writing stage and the design and publishing. Words and typographical characters can be mis-copied or the design layout mis-format an element. A final proofreading before going to the print or uploading is essential.

Why use a professional French Proofreader?

At best, poor grammar, ambiguous copy and spelling mistakes cost money, resulting in expensive reprints or perhaps even lost customers and at worst can damaging the brand in which you have invested so carefully.

With my advanced level French proofreading service I will verify your French documents & websites for the following:

  • inconsistency
  • poor grammar and syntax
  • ambiguous meanings
  • typographical and layout errors

Change all of that by using a professional French proofreader.

French proofreading quotation.

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The process of having a French document proofread...

Discuss Requirements

Project Quotation is Provided*

Upload Documents

Text is Proofread

Proofread Documents are Returned

Final Payment to be Made

* a deposit is required for all projects over £50 or €50.

Working with Document Files

Clients provide text to be French proof-read in various formats. I can work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Web pages, Acrobat, InDesign, Photoshop or Emails and even flattend graphics or photographs. The proof-read text or or changes are normally provided in a Word documents. If the source document is Word then the text will be corrected with 'Track Changes' enabled.

MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Google Docs, QuarkXpress, PDF, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Web Pages and Email

Quotations & Payments

A quotation for French proofreading services is always provided. It often will be an estimate based on the number of words, the technicality and the overall quality of the French language that is to be proof-read. If a document has clearly been translated by a computer tool such as Google Translate, then a quotation for French translation will be provided.

Payment is preferably made by bank transfer in either GBP or EURO or alternatively by PayPal, credit/debit cards or by cheque.

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